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Call for Entry: 'We're All Alright'

About the Call for Entry

In our current everyday society, pleasure-seeking behavior is the norm and feeling good is the expected standard. But everyone feels bad sometimes, regardless of the likely positive outlook they began the day with. Difficult or dark feelings are a normal part of life--be it frustration, fear, grief, disappointment, or insecurity. We cannot be happy, confident, and satisfied all the time, nor should we be expected to be. Acknowledging the bad days and the dark emotions that tend to accompany them is necessary in order to accept and let go of them. This group art show aims to provide a space for people to express, exclaim, normalize, and perhaps even celebrate the challenging and, yes, often dark feelings and experiences. This is a forum for people to come together and accept each other for who they are, and for the full range of experiences they each have had. No drama, no fake smiles, just a visual depiction of life and the challenges it can bring.
It takes darkness to define the light; you cannot have one without the other.

We are seeking 10-12 artists for a curated group show in a New York City gallery. The theme is 'dark emotions' as understood in the context above. Your unique interpretations, understanding, and experiences will provide variety and depth to the show.

Submitting Your Entries:

All entries must be submitted via the form below.

When preparing images for uploading, please adhere to the following file specifications:

Deadline For Submissions: October 7,2011
Results Announced: October 22,2011

Acceptance: All entrants will receive an e-mail notification. Once artists have been reviewed,
you will be contacted via email. Those who are selected for the show will have 2 months to create new works for the show, inspired by the theme as it relates to you and your art. As participating artists, you will be responsible for transporting your artwork to and from the gallery, within the ascribed time frame. We will take care of installing works, labels, curatorial text, promotional postcards, and opening reception refreshments

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